A driving force for health equity

OCHIN partners with a growing number of innovative technology partners to integrate best-in-class functionality and software into our Epic and NextGen Electronic Health Record platforms. 

These solutions, offered on an à la carte basis, are designed to improve both patient and clinic outcomes. Because OCHIN pre-negotiates agreements to extend volume based pricing, our members save valuable time and money.


Clearinghouse and Lockbox

Clearing house for claims and patient eligibility verification; Lockbox allows payments via electronic file.

Available for OCHIN Epic and OCHIN NextGen

Emergency Department Information Exchange

EDIE integration provides inpatient and Emergency Department discharge information directly within OCHIN’s NextGen and Epic EHRs.

Available for OCHIN Epic and OCHIN NextGen

PACS Imaging Solution

Dental imaging solution that integrates with your EHR/EDR.

Available for OCHIN Epic

Enterprise Faxing Solution

Accelerate the speed at which you do business with a centralized fax server that integrates with the  EHR for secure inbound and outbound faxes across your entire organization.

Available for OCHIN Epic and NextGen

Voice Recognition Software

Cloud-based clinical speech recognition integrates with OCHIN Epic or NextGen EHR for documenting care in the EHR and beyond, across devices at the hospital, clinic, office, home, and on the road.

Available for OCHIN Epic and OCHIN NextGen

Prescription Drug Monitoring Program Integration

PDMP services integrating patient prescription information into the EHR allows providers to have the information they need on prescription utilization without leaving the system.

Available for OCHIN Epic and OCHIN NextGen

Electronic Prescribing of Controlled Substances

OCHIN can provide functionality to enroll in Electronic Prescribing of Controlled Substances (EPCS) to reduce paperwork, streamline workflows, and improve safety, security and controlled substance prescription tracking.

Available for OCHIN Epic

Patient Remote Monitoring Programs

Our integrated platform feeds results from a variety of remote devices back into the patient record for monitoring COPD, diabetes, hypertension, obesity, asthma, congestive heart failure, and more.

Available for OCHIN Epic

Integrated Medical Devices

Patient monitoring devices, including EKG, Spiro, and Vitals, integrate with OCHIN Epic and NextGen to get this key patient information into the EHR.

Available for OCHIN Epic and OCHIN NextGen

Patient Engagement

Provides population outreach through text and voice messaging to help streamline care management, and offers interactive programs to improve health outcomes.

Available for OCHIN Epic and OCHIN NextGen

Discounted Hardware

OCHIN leverages the purchasing power of more than 4,000 hospitals—plus an additional 90,000 ancillary or non-acute providers—to achieve significant savings on supplies and equipment clinics depend on most.

Integrated Medical Terminology

Allows providers to quickly and easily search multiple complicated coding systems and add the appropriate medical codes to diagnoses and problem lists in the EHR.

Available for OCHIN NextGen

Specialty eConsults

This solution supports primary care providers with asynchronous specialty care virtual consultations to reduce specialty care wait times and provide a more efficient specialty care referral process.

Available for OCHIN Epic and OCHIN NextGen

Virtual Visits and Video Conferencing

Zoom, web based video conferencing to support live telehealth/ virtual care visits launched from within Epic EHR’s MyChart.

Available for OCHIN Epic

Virtual Care Workflow Engineering and Support

This expertise and support helps clinics effectively implement and use virtual care to improve access and health outcomes.

Credit Card Integration

Integrating patient credit card payments into the EHR helps with timely collection of payment for out of pocket expenses.

Available for OCHIN Epic