Enabling a Healthier Future for Every Community


OCHIN is a Technology Leader for Community
Health Centers Nationwide

OCHIN’s mission is to level the technology playing field so that low-income,
vulnerable and underserved patients have access to high-quality care.

We prepare our members for the future with state-of-the-art electronic
health records, practice management tools, analytics, and a lot more.

Hosted Electronic Health Records (EHR)

OCHIN deploys and hosts a full suite of Epic and NextGen EHR and practice management solutions for hundreds of practices nationwide.


Data Exchange

All providers on the OCHIN network are connected to each other—and to the broader delivery system. It’s one of the most successful health data exchanges in the United States.


Medical Grade Broadband

Every patient deserves access to the best possible health care, regardless of zip code. OCHIN offers reliable, scalable, and robust broadband infrastructure.


Telehealth and eConsulting

OCHIN offers a full suite of products and services to support virtual care, including telehealth and video conference electronic consulting (eConsult) tools.  



Enhanced Tools from Tech Partners

OCHIN offers add-on functionality from a wide variety of partners. These options come integrated with the EHR, designed to add capabilities and ease burden on users.   


Security, Storage and Disaster Recovery

OCHIN employs sophisticated information security and backup protocols. We support and advise health centers on best practices for keeping data secure, archived, and recoverable.