A driving force for health equity

Our team includes some of the nation’s top researchers on safety net care, health policy, and chronic disease.

Research Leadership & Management

·        Vance Bauer, MA: Vice President of Research

·        Jennifer DeVoe, MD, DPhil: Senior Research Advisor

·        Rachel Gold, PhD, MPH: Lead Research Scientist

·        Jon Puro, MPA/HA: Research Informatics Scientist & Data Core Leader

·        Katie Dambrun, MPH: Senior Research Associates, Supervisor

·        Perry Foley, MPH, MSW: Senior Research Associates, Supervisor

·        Anne Kovas, MPH: Research Grants and Contracts Administrator, Supervisor

·        Aleksandra Sumic, MPH: Research Associate, Supervisor

·        Megan Hoopes, MPH: Biostatistician, Supervisor

·        Stuart Cowburn, MS, MPH: Biostatistician, Supervisor

·        Rebecca Block, PhD, MSW: Administrative Core Leader

·        Anna Templeton, DNP, RN: Engagement Core Leader


·        Erika Cottrell, PhD, MPP: Investigator

·        Brigit Hatch, MD: Assistant Professor of Family Medicine, OHSU School of Medicine

·        John Muench, MD, MPH: Investigator

·        Jonathan Todd, PhD, MSPH: Senior Research Associate

·        John Heintzman, MD Affiliate Investigator OHSU



·        Gordon Barker, MS: Research Associate

·        Arwen Bunce, MA: Research Associate

·        Adrienne Cherry, MPH: Research Coordinator

·        MJ Dunne, MA: Research Associate

·        Sophia Giebultowicz, MA: Research Analyst

·        Michelle Hendricks, PhD: Research Associate

·        Megan Hoopes, MPH: Biostatistician

·        Lorie Jacob, ScM: Research Analyst

·        Molly Krancari, MA, MPH: Research Associate

·        Annie Larson, PhD: Research Analyst

·        Thuy Le, MPH: Research Data Warehouse Programmer

·        April Lee, MPH: Research Associate

·        Jee Oakley, MPH: Research Associate

·        William Pinnock, MS: Research Coordinator

·        Maura Pisciotta, MS: Research Associate

·        E. Tiffany Prescott, MS: Research Coordinator

·        Mary Frances Ritchie, MPH: Research Associate

·        Pedro Rivera, MS: Research Data Warehouse Architect

·        Teresa Schmidt, MS: Research Analyst

·        Carrie Tillotson, MPH: Biostatistician

·        Robert Voss, MS: Research Analyst

·        Nate Warren, MPH: Research Associate

·        Emily Youngers, MPH, CPH: Research Associate

·        Amy Zlot, MPH: Research Analyst