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Cervical and Colorectal Cancer Screening Prevalence Before and After Affordable Care Act Medicaid Expansion
Authors: Huguet, N., Angier, H., Rdesinski, R., Hoopes, M., Marino, M., Holderness, H., DeVoe, J.
Preventive Medicine

Observational Study Protocol for Evaluating Control of Hypertension and the Effects of Social Determinants
Authors: Angier, H., Huguet, N., Marino, M., Green, B., Holderness, H.., Gold, R., Hoopes, M., DeVoe, J.
BMJ Open

PCSK9 Inhibitor Use in the Real World: Data From the National Patient-Centered Research Network (PCORNet)
Authors: Chamberlain, A., Gong, Y., McAuliffe, K., Bian, J., Song, W., Linton, M., Fonseca, V., Price-Haywood, E., Guhl, E., King, J., Shah, R., Puro, J., Shenkman, E., Pawloski, P., Margolis, K., Hernandez, A., Cooper-DeHoff, R.
Journal of the American Heart Association

Priorities Wizard: Multisite Web-Based Primary Care Clinical Decision Support Improved Chronic Care Outcomes with High Use Rates and High Clinician Satisfaction Rates
Authors: Sperl-Hillen, J., Rossom, R., Kharbanda, E.., Gold, R., Geissal, E., Elliott, T., Desai, J., Rindal, D., Saman, D., Waring, S., Margolis, K., O’Connor, P.

Racial/Ethnic Disparities in Health Insurance and Differences in Visit Type for a Population of Patients with Diabetes after Medicaid

Authors: Angier, H.., Ezekiel-Herrera, D., Marino, M., Hoopes, M., Jacobs, E., A., DeVoe, J., Huguet, N.
Journal of Health Care for the Poor and Underserved

Not so Implausible: Impact of Longitudinal Assessment of Implausible Anthropometric Measures on Obesity Prevalence and Weight Change in Children and Adolescents
Authors: Boone-Heinonen J., Tillotson C. J., O’Malley J. P., Marino M, Andrea S. B., Brickman A., DeVoe J. E., Puro J.
Annals of Epidemiology

Study Protocol: A Pragmatic, Stepped-Wedge Trial of Tailored Support for Implementing Social Determinants of Health Documentation / Action in Community Health Centers, with Realist Evaluation
Authors: Gold, R., Bunce, A., Cottrell, E., Marino, M., Middendorf, M., Cowburn, S., Wright, D., Mossman, N., Dambrun, K., Powell, B., Gruss, I., Gottlieb, L., Scott, J., Yosuf, N., Krancari, M.
Implementation Science

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Grand Rounds Presentations

Topic: OCHIN Grand Rounds: Moving Upstream: An Approach to Improving Care and the Social Determinants of Health -20181116 2005-1
Recording date: Friday, November 16, 2018 12:05 pm
Duration: 57 minutes
Description: As health systems move to value based payment, the question for many is not why Upstream social determinants of health matter, but how to address them. In this presentation, Dr. Manchanda will discuss strategic frameworks and operating models that some health systems are using to address SDH. He will also highlight challenges and structural barriers to consider on the journey upstream. 
Speaker: Dr. Rishi Manchanda, President & CEO of HealthBegins