OCHIN Research

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Collaboration and Innovation through Research

Value Proposition: OCHIN is committed to building the nation’s foremost community laboratory for health outcomes, policy, and primary care research with vulnerable and underserved populations.

OCHIN Research works with the mission to improve the health of underserved populations, enhance quality of care, and inform health policy through research. Our studies examine effective interventions and delivery system improvements, especially those that focus on:

  • Understanding and addressing health conditions with known health disparities that are common in safety net populations
  • Improving health outcomes in safety net populations
  • Evaluating interventions that have potential to improve safety net practice
  • Testing Health IT interventions to improve population health
  • Implementing evidence-based practices within the clinic network
OCHIN Research is guided by the OCHIN Practice-Based Research Network (PBRN). The OCHIN PBRN, registered with the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) in 2007 and comprised of practicing clinicians from OCHIN member clinics, is housed at OCHIN to maximize its independence and focus on community-based research. Its mission is to encourage research with potential to directly benefit safety net patients, to develop and improve OCHIN’s data resources for research purposes, to partner with interested researchers, and to translate research findings into practice.

Network Participation

OCHIN participates in multiple national research networks:

*OCHIN identifies financial conflicts of interest (FCOI) and other situations that may give rise to conflicts of interest, and addresses such situations to ensure research decisions made are in the best interests of OCHIN, its research participants, patients, and members. OCHIN operates in accordance with federal regulations addressing research financial conflicts of interest through our Policy on FCIO in Research.