A driving force for health equity


OCHIN Provides
Comprehensive Services and Support
for Health Centers

Our teams help practices of all sizes improve operations,
workflows, clinical performance, revenue cycle,
and patient care.


Practice Management and Billing

OCHIN offers best-practice-based quality improvement coaching, workflow engineering, comprehensive billing and revenue cycle services, and more to help clinics improve performance.


Security and Compliance

OCHIN’s host of compliance services help clinics and hospitals assess and remediate risks to ensure that patient information is secure.


Federal and State Programs

OCHIN tailors its products and services to support high-performance participation and high performance in the federal and state programs that matter most to our members.


Expertise in Health Equity

OCHIN has focused on the needs of community health centers and vulnerable patient populations for nearly two decades.


HIE and Interoperability

OCHIN is a national leader and advocate for expanding interoperability across communities to move patient data to the point of care.


Peer-to-Peer Learning

OCHIN supports a range of workgroups, committees and conferences to exchange information with member clinics and extend peer-learning on best practices.