Enabling a healthier future for every community.

The OCHIN network is one of the largest and most successful health center-controlled networks in the country, providing unparalleled capabilities to securely exchange patient information.


Nationwide Reach

76 million

Clinical summaries securely exchanged since 2010

29 million

Clinical summaries securely exchanged with outside providers in previous 12 months (through July ’18)  

5.3 million

Patient links established to outside records in OCHIN history


Hospitals, emergency rooms and clinics that have exchanged data with OCHIN members


41 %

Annual growth in clinical summaries securely exchanged by all OCHIN members in last 12 months


191 %

Annual growth in non-Epic clinical summaries securely exchanged in last 12 months



OCHIN member clinics are connected to the most robust interoperability frameworks nationally:

·        eHealth Exchange — Connects our members to Federal Agencies.

·        Carequality — Connects our members to Non-Epic Partners.

·        Care Everywhere — Connects our members to Epic Partners.

·        Surescripts — Connects our members to Direct Secure Messaging.

OCHIN has fully enabled public facing FHIR API functionality such that any application chosen by a patient can gain access to their individual health information.



Our technology team includes leaders in the national discussion on interoperability to connect smaller practices and community health centers to each other as well as the broader delivery system.

OCHIN executives serve on the board of The Sequoia Project, which leads the eHealth Exchange and Carequality initiatives. They also serve on the Care Connectivity Consortium board and Epic’s Care Everywhere network.

OCHIN leads with a National Framework approach because interoperability must scale to provide communities with connections locally, across state lines, and even international borders.


Security and Disaster Recovery