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Dear OCHIN Member Executive,

Since sending out this announcement in mid-December, we have had the opportunity to present Shared Notes in multiple venues and receive feedback on the planned roll out in March.  While the vast majority of feedback has been positive, with an understanding of the importance of improving transparency and communication with our patients, there is concern about the timing and the potential training of clinicians.  

In order to respond to that feedback, OCHIN will delay the roll out of Shared Notes as the default until the Upgrade on May 4th.  In addition to providing members with additional time for change management, this will also allow for additional training at the Learning Forum in April.  We are hopeful that this will provide Members with the additional time and resources to ensure successful implementation within their systems.  

OCHIN has committed to providing clinicians with the opportunity to opt out of sharing individual notes for clinical reasons.  While OCHIN feels strongly that having Shared Notes available improves transparency and the care of patients, and is moving forward with Shared Notes as the default, we will provide members with the ability to opt out at the Department level if a Service Area determines that there is a patient safety issue with sharing notes with that patient population.  This may be accomplished by making a request through the JIRA process, as will be outlined in the follow up OCHIN System Change Notification.

Please download a PDF of the related FAQs for additional information.

Hopefully this will address the concerns that we have been receiving.

Thank you.

Scott A. Fields, MD, MHA
Chief Medical Officer

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Assistant: Andi Jarone 503.494.6617