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Long-Term Outcomes from Repeated Smoking Cessation Assistance in Routine Primary Care

Bailey S, Stevens V, Fortmann S, Kurtz S, McBurnie MA, Priest E, Puro J, Solberg L, Schweitzer R, Masica A, Hazelhurst B.American Journal of Health Promotion  

The PCORnet Antibiotics and Childhood Growth Study: Process for Cohort Creation and Cohort Description

Block J, Bailey L, Gillman M, Lunsford D, Boone-Heinonen J, Finkelstein J, Horgan C, Jay M, Reynolds J, Sturtevant J, Forrest C American Pediatrics  

Role of Race/Ethnicity, Language, and Insurance in Use of Cervical Cancer Prevention Services Among Low-Income Hispanic Women, 2009–2013

eintzman J, Hatch B, Coronado G, Ezekiel D, Cowburn S, Escamilla-Sanchez O, Marino M. Preventing Chronic Disease

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