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For Researchers

OCHIN has a formal method for clinics and investigators to submit research proposals for consideration. This includes preparatory to research activities, data requests, grant subcontracts, intervention studies, etc. We work in a collaborative process with our member clinics and research partners to determine which studies we’ll participate in based on whether the proposed work is a priority area and supports the mission of OCHIN and our partners. Interested parties should contact early in the process. In general, we recommend that you make initial contact with us 6-8 weeks prior to funding opportunity deadlines. OCHIN requires that all Human Subjects research gains IRB approval. In general, specific priorities for research include, but are not limited to:

  • Conditions common in the populations served, such as diabetes and chronic pain
  • Conditions with known health disparities
  • Potential for interventions to improve health outcomes, particularly HIT-based interventions
  • Potential for interventions to improve safety net practice
  • Consistency with known best practices
  • Feasibility of project implementation in safety net practice
  • Minimized potential disruption to clinic operations
  • Funding potential (must cover OCHIN costs)
  • Opportunity to involve OCHIN PBRN clinician / patient as co-I/consultant
  • Data-only studies
  • Studies in clinics outside of Oregon
  • Studies that explore the impact of healthcare policy
In some cases, priority may be given to researchers who have contributed to the OCHIN PBRN in the past and who have an established collaborative relationship with OCHIN.

Available Data

OCHIN’s largest data warehouse, called ADVANCE, contains health records and claims data from more than 120 community health center (CHC) systems, as well as neighborhood-level geospatial data from the Robert Graham Center on environmental, social, and economic factors that impact health. As of January 2017, this network includes 1019 clinic sites in 22 states and medical records for 3.4 million. CVS Image 170106

Approval Process

OCHIN’s internal approval and proposal development process can take 1-2 months to complete (see figure below). OCHIN leadership understands that some funding announcements have tight deadlines and will make every effort to expedite the process as needed.
Approval Process
In circumstances where OCHIN’s capacity to support proposals or certain types of studies are stretched thin, OCHIN leadership may put a temporary hold on new proposals. Researchers are encouraged to contact OCHIN before they begin proposal development, to ask whether new proposals are being accepted at that time.

For Clinicians and Community Partners

There are many ways you can be involved in becoming part of the OCHIN Practice-Based Research Network:
  • Attend an OCHIN PBRN Meeting.
  • Become a member of the OCHIN PBRN Steering Committee.
  • Submit your research ideas to

For Patients

OCHIN’s Patient Engagement Panel serves to bring the patient’s voice to inform the work that we do. The Patient Engagement Panel meets regularly to review proposed research and projects underway. Learn more about the Patient Engagement Panel and how you can become involved here.

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To learn more about the OCHIN PBRN, please visit our OCHIN PBRN page.