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Erika Cottrell, PhD, MPP

Dr. Cottrell holds a joint appointment as an Investigator at OCHIN and as an Assistant Professor at OHSU. She earned her PhD in Sociology from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, her Masters in Public Policy from Harvard University, and her BA in Anthropology from Luther College.

Dr. Cottrell’s primary areas of research include social determinants of health, health equity, maternal/child health, patient health experiences, and health policy. At OCHIN, she is involved in research projects focused on understanding the impact of community- and individual-level social determinants of health on health care outcomes; developing and testing EHR-based tools for identifying and addressing social determinants of health in community health centers; and evaluating the impact of payment reform and policy changes (including the Affordable Care Act) on reproductive health care utilization in safety-net settings. At OHSU, Dr. Cottrell serves as the Director of the Health Experiences Research Core for the Oregon Clinical & Translational Research Institute.


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, January 2019
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