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OCHIN Research Contributes to Study Featured in U.S. News & World Report

By Lorie Jacob, Research Analyst

In a study funded by the National Institute on Drug Abuse, Oregon Health & Science University’s (OHSU) Steffani Bailey, Research Assistant Professor, worked closely with OCHIN to learn about tobacco cessation treatment patterns in the safety net, a question which OCHIN was uniquely poised to answer given its rich data on this population. 

As with most research studies, much collaboration was required, and content experts from both OHSU and OCHIN contributed to the investigation.

The OCHIN team that supported this work included Jon Puro, Research Informaticist, who served as the OCHIN site PI and provided expertise about the nuances of using OCHIN’s EHR data for research; Lorie Jacob, Research Analyst, who compiled data and performed the statistical analysis for the manuscript; and April Lee, Research Associate, who coordinated the project work and provided careful manuscript review and editing. 

The team successfully worked toward answering Dr. Bailey’s question, exposing key disparities in smoking cessation treatment.

Visit U.S. News & World Report to read the full article, featuring some of the significant findings the study revealed. Please contact Lorie Jacob with any questions.

Mika YoshidaResearch, Media, OHSU