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Why SOGI Best Practices Matter for Patients: SOGI Done Well Can Save Lives

As a critical part of the healthcare safety net, OCHIN members across the nation provide access to quality care for the most vulnerable patients, including members of the LGBTQIA+ community. As part of our commitment to reduce health disparities and expand diversity, equity, and inclusion for our members, our workforce, and the patients we serve, OCHIN is proud to celebrate National Pride Month with a special Grand Rounds presentation, and by highlighting clinical care resources available to clinical care teams.

OCHIN Grand Rounds celebrated Pride Month on June 4, with a presentation by Alex Keuroghlian, MD, MPH, and Chris Grasso, MPH of the Fenway Institute’s National LGBT Health Education Center. A recording of this timely presentation, Collecting Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Data in the EHR and Improving Quality of Care for LGBTQ Patients is now available on OCHIN’s YouTube channel. If you have any questions about accessing this, or past Grand Rounds recordings,, please contact William Pinnock (pinnockw@ochin.org).

Keuroghlian and Grasso highlighted ways a sensitive, informed approach to SOGI can improve the quality of patient care and potentially save lives through the poignant example of a transgender patient diagnosed with late-stage cervical cancer that cost him his life. The patient had a family history of the disease, and had been symptomatic for some time. The cancer would likely have been caught at an earlier, more treatable stage had clinic staff and providers received SOGI training and access to effective SOGI clinical decision support tools in the EHR to sensitively raise the right questions with the patient about anatomy in order to deliver the right treatment interventions at the right time.

The Fenway Institute is a longtime OCHIN research partner, and will be consulting along with other external advisors on improvements to SOGI clinical decision support tools and functionalities in OCHIN EHRs.

OCHIN is happy to share the following SOGI resources for clinical care teams:

For more information or questions about SOGI-related topics in OCHIN Epic, please contact Angel Perez (pronouns: they/them), Epic Application Analyst (pereza@ochin.org), and for OCHIN Research, please contact M.J. Dunne, Research Associate, (dunnem@ochin.org).