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OCHIN’s New Online Chat Feature “OCHIN Live!” has Arrived

OCHIN’s new online chat feature for Site Specialists, OCHIN Live! has arrived. With everything a Site Specialist faces in a day’s work, whether meetings, emergent issues, or multitasking, we know there needs to be an immediate and simple way to contact or report issues to the OCHIN Help Desk.

As of August 2019, Site Specialists now have a more efficient way to connect with OCHIN. The responsibility of communicating and reporting your organization’s issues to OCHIN is critical, but calling in or opening a JIRA is not always an immediate option. Sometimes we are running from task to task, or sometimes a JIRA comment may not result in an instantaneous response. Now, with OCHIN Live!, a Site Specialist can connect with the OCHIN Help Desk even if they are on the run between meetings, or are  unable to make a call. Since OCHIN Live! is accessed by a link on the OCHIN Portal, it can be easily bookmarked or "favorited" on your computer or mobile device. This makes it possible to chat from anywhere!

As Help Desk Manager, my top priority is member satisfaction. I couldn’t wait to hear the feedback from Site Specialists, because I knew some organizations would love the feature. I was surprised however to receive such an overwhelmingly positive wave of feedback from everyone using it. A few examples of the feedback we have received since OCHIN Live! became available include:

  • “This is an awesome tool. I have used it several times and it has been really helpful.”

  • “Awesome feature...love the new LIVE! Chat.”

  • “This Chat Live gives me quick but great knowledge, makes me feel like Superman! OCHIN Rocks!”

With OCHIN Live!, members have truly entered a new era. The Help Desk team is looking forward to chatting with you, soon!

If you have any questions or feedback, please contact Zaven Papakhian (papakhianz@Ochin.org), Help Desk Manager of EHR Ops.