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Celebrate August’s National Immunization Awareness Month

Each August, the United States celebrates National Immunization Awareness Month, a campaign highlighting the importance of vaccination in the United States. OCHIN supports this campaign with attention to the tools and resources to support clinical quality improvement around childhood and adolescent immunizations. We’re excited to present the following resources, available exclusively for OCHIN Epic members:

Clinician Office Hours

Join OCHIN Clinical Informaticists and Pediatricians TJ Schuch, MD, MPH and Erin Hickman, MD for an in-depth conversation on using EHR tools to improve vaccination rates. This discussion will immediately follow the September 13th CORC from 11:00 am – noon PT.

OCHIN members are invited to email Jeff Richter at richterj@ochin.org if you would like an invitation.

Quality Improvement Publications

Visit the Childhood Immunization Improvement Guide on Ella, OCHIN’s LMS, for a comprehensive review of tools, workflows, and practices from across the OCHIN collaborative to support childhood immunizations. This includes highlights on using Slicer Dicer to identify patients due and overdue for immunizations.

Review promising practices from three OCHIN member health centers in the Case Study Library on Ella. Here you can read about improvement stories and successes from:

  • Lynn Community Health Center in Massachusetts

  • South Boston Community Health Center in Massachusetts

  • Virginia Garcia Memorial Health Center in Oregon (reverse medical-dental integration model)

OCHIN Epic Functionality

OCHIN offers a variety of functionality within its Epic EHR, and continues to expand its support for improving vaccination uptake and completion rates. The following are some highlights:

This SmartSet provides the ability to bundle order vaccines, information on immunizations due based on age and patient history, and BPA reminders. The SmartSet leverages health maintenance functionality and the ability of the EHR to calculate vaccination courses based on age and immunization history. Review the Childhood Immunization Improvement Guide (pages 114-116) for information on this SmartSet, and submit a JIRA if you would like access.

  • HPV Initiate Immunization at Age 9 Best Practice Alert is available on an opt-in basis

Submit a JIRA if you are interested in learning more about this tool, which supports completion of the HPV two-dose series before children reach their 15th birthday and administration when the immune response is most robust.

  • Flu Immunization Health Maintenance will turn on in September

  • Healthy Planet Care Manager Dashboard Report Patients Not Passing Childhood Immunizations

Two new reports will be available with the September SP: one identifying children under the age of two, and one identifying children ages 9-13 due for immunizations.

  • Epic UDS Quality Measures Dashboard – Childhood Immunizations (CMS117)

On August 23rd, FQHC members will have access to this measure on their UDS Quality Measures Dashboard. From this dashboard, drill down to see a list of patients in the denominator and the status of each.

  • Bi-directional Immunization Interfaces

Did you know OCHIN has bi-directional immunizations set up with eight states? You can find more information about using bidirectional immunization interfaces on Ella. A bidirectional connection to a state's immunization registry means that care teams can see a patient's full immunization history within OCHIN Epic. Clinical decision support tools such as Health Maintenance account for this information, and users do not even have to leave the system!

In the News

Oregon recently passed a bill allowing dentists to offer any vaccine to a patient, including childhood and adolescent vaccinations. Rules and regulations around this will go into effect January 1, 2020. Review Virginia Garcia Memorial Health Center’s Case Study on reverse medical-dental integration to learn how this organization established processes for dentists to administer immunizations to children and their families.

Please contact Arielle Goranson (goransona@ochin.org), Innovation Advisor, with any questions regarding tools and resources related to immunizations that are available to OCHIN members.