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Member Success Story: Virginia Garcia Memorial Health Center Doubles MyChart Activation Rate in 2018

By Anne Parmeter, Curriculum Developer

In 2018, Virginia Garcia Memorial Health Center nearly doubled their numbers of patients on MyChart. We interviewed Edgar Pizano, a Clinical Team Lead and evangelist for MyChart at Virginia Garcia, on a few of their keys to success.

AP: What did Virginia Garcia do to increase their MyChart activation in such a short timeframe?

EP: We really focused by creating a small competition within each team to help motivate staff to complete the MyChart enrollment process with patients. We used every avenue possible to engage with these patients. When they would call in for results or issues we used MyChart as way to help navigate their healthcare. Our Patient Care Coordinators also helped with these activations, as well as our MA.

AP: What do you believe were some keys to that success?

I believe that having leadership buy-in is very much the key to this. If we believe in the value of the work needing to be done, from the top down, then we are able to encourage staff to understand the importance, and engage them in the work as well. In the end the staff have to be able to understand the importance of the MyChart tool, and push for our patients to understand its importance in helping to understand the health care they are receiving in our clinic, and empower them to manage their own health care decisions in an informed manner.  

AP: What advice would you give another clinic looking to increase their MyChart activations?

First, find the value on why your patients will benefit from MyChart, even if it’s only one specific feature. Use that to engage your staff and demonstrate to them why it also benefits them. Identify champions in the clinic to help push your staff to do this work. Always challenge your teams and set incentives, as that will always help. It’s not always easy, but by working as a team at every step, it’s easier to maintain the necessary motivation and momentum.