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Now Available: Revised Edition OCHIN Epic Hypertension Control Improvement Guide v3.0

By Erica Edwards

May is National High Blood Pressure Education Month, a campaign sponsored by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and recognized by the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute (NHLBI) to raise awareness about preventive interventions to reduce adverse outcomes related to hypertension.

OCHIN marks this month with the release of the revised edition of the OCHIN Epic Hypertension Control Improvement Guide v3.0, available now on Ella, OCHIN’s LMS.

OCHIN makes it easy for Site Specialists to provide clinic staff broad access to member resources on Ella. Consult the Crowd Importer User Guide on the Site Specialist Wiki Page for details.


The OCHIN Epic Hypertension Control Improvement Guide v3.0 is a comprehensive reference to help members leverage the full complement of OCHIN tools, reports, and workflows in an integrated way.

  • Updated American College of Cardiology/American Heart Association clinical guidelines

  • New OCHIN Epic clinical decision support features

  • Slicer Dicer for hypertension screening according to Health Maintenance for patients 18 and older

  • Healthy Planet My Panel Metrics Dashboards (MPM) manage individual patients on the provider’s panel on the Hypertension Registry (with a diagnosis of hypertension)

  • Healthy Planet Care Manager Dashboard manage patient populations on the Hypertension Registry (with a diagnosis of hypertension)

  • Hypertension Care Path maps care plans for all patients based on blood pressure readings in the Vitals activity and connects to tailored SmartSets for streamlined orders

  • Cardiovascular Risk Bundle

  • OCHIN Research study opportunities

Case Studies by OCHIN Members

Case studies authored by OCHIN members share innovations vetted in OCHIN clinics across the nation. Read about novel approaches to better control hypertension in the vulnerable patient populations OCHIN members serve.

A chapter on change management principles helps OCHIN clinics tailor change ideas to their unique needs.

Asher Community Health Center Reduces Hypertension 15% in Nine Months

Read about how Asher Community Health Center in Fossil, Oregon, increased hypertension control 15% over a period of nine months. Contributed by Amanda Roy, PA, this case study discusses an approach that leverages EHR technology (e.g., care gap lists and bulk communications), population health data, and a human touch to drive improvement.

OpEx 3 HTN Awareness.jpg

Roanoke Chowan Community Health Center Leverages Remote Blood Pressure Monitoring Via MyChart

Kim Schwartz, CEO of Roanoke Chowan Community Health Center (RCCHC) in North Carolina’s Inner Banks region, contributed a case study to the revised edition of the Hypertension Control Improvement Guide. She also spoke last month at the OCHIN Learning Forum about an approach to hypertension control that leverages technology, the personal connection between patient and provider, and community partnerships to create a cohesive ecosystem of support to manage this chronic disease.

This case study discusses ways RCCHC has made Health Maintenance for hypertension a part of the health center’s culture. It also touches on the value of remotely monitoring blood pressure readings via MyChart to help patients control hypertension.

Other OCHIN Resources to Support Hypertension Control

  • Hypertension Control HUB: A brand new Ella landing page outlining all of the resources available to support performance in this measure. Peruse this new landing page when it becomes available later this month.

  • CQM Guide: Provides assistance with workflow and quality reporting, including Epic screenshots

  • Visio Workflow: See an overview of the steps needed to be completed by the care team to meet the numerator of this measure

For information about OCHIN Quality Improvement Publications Program, contact Erica Edwards at edwardse@ochin.org. Contact AnnMarie Overholser at overholsera@ochin.org for questions about hypertension control clinical decision support tools.