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HCCN 2016-2019 Program is Wrapping Up! What’s Next?

By Lindsey Haase, Director of Health Center Controlled Network Awards

Our current HRSA-funded HCCN programs are wrapping up the third and final year on July 31, 2019. OCHIN’s HCCN team is working with participating health centers to close out projects and outstanding work for the current award. All training and technical assistance funded by the HRSA HCCN, must conclude by Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Health Center Controlled Networks (HCCNs) are groups of health centers working together to address operational and clinical challenges related to the use of health information technology (HIT). Approximately 70% of health centers currently participate in a HRSA-funded HCCN. [1]

HCCNs help health centers:

  • Improve access to care

  • Enhance quality of care

  • Achieve cost efficiencies through the redesign of practices

OCHIN not only hosts its own HRSA-funded HCCN program, it also assists with several other HCCN programs throughout the country. Through our HCCN activities, we’ve welcomed strong partnerships including the Oregon Primary Care Association (OPCA), the Heartland Network in Omaha, Nebraska, the Central Valley Collaborative (CVC) in California, KeyCare in New Jersey, and many others! Our robust affiliations have allowed us to provide thousands of hours of training and technical assistance to community health centers across the country. We have built a stronger network to provide diverse improvement tools, cohorts, and continue to support our health centers in achieving HRSA’s Quality Improvement Awards.

With our HRSA-funded HCCN programs, many of the participating health centers are able to access and participate in OCHIN’s scorecards and comparative reports. We have been able to share our learnings about what is driving stronger outcomes at health centers, across many networks, through our High Performers Project.

The new HRSA-funded HCCN program will begin on August 1, 2019.

OCHIN submitted its application for the new FY 2019 HCCN funding in January 2019. The new funding opportunity is focused on the following areas of improvement:

  • Enhancing the Patient and Provider Experience

  • Advancing Interoperability

  • Using Data to Enhance Value

The following is our tentative schedule of events to kick of the new HRSA-funded HCCN:

  • Mid-late July: New HCCN funding award announcements expected from HRSA, notice to all participating health centers to follow.

  • August 1, 2019: Welcome packets to be sent to participating health center champions.

  • August 1, 2019: New OCHIN HCCN Portal opens to participating health centers (instructions will be included in Welcome packets).

  • August 1-31, 2019: Annual Health Center Assessments through OCHIN HCCN Portal to be completed by participating health centers, more detailed information forthcoming.

  • Early August 2019: Welcome webinars for participating health centers (please plan to have your HCCN Project Champion attend at least one). Meet your new HCCN Team, learn how to access your great benefits, and more!

We’ve had the pleasure of serving health centers across the country in maximizing Meaningful Use and other incentive payments, using HIE to improve care coordination and support population health management, driving towards meeting Healthy People 2020 goals, achieving and maintaining PCMH recognition, and improving clinical and business operations.

We look forward to continuing to work with you and your teams in the next HRSA-funded HCCN Award. We are excited to offer new activities and services to help our communities advance with the technology and tools that will also advance your missions.

Please contact Lindsey Haase (haasel@ochin.org), Director of Health Center Controlled Network Awards, with any questions.

[1] Health Resources Services Administration. (2018). Health Center Controlled Networks. Retrieved from https://bphc.hrsa.gov/qualityimprovement/strategicpartnerships/hccn.html.