Learning from OCHIN’s High Performers: Operational Excellence High Performers Project

OCHIN High Performers
By Arielle Goranson and Cally Johnson

What does high performance mean? What are the key attributes of a high-performer? How does OCHIN’s understanding of high performers help members?

Operational Excellence’s (OPEX) Arielle Goranson, quality metrics program manager, and Cally Johnson, quality improvement advisor, are leading an initiative to define high performance. This project is focused on building a methodology to identify high-performing members in order to share learnings across the collaborative, and move the collaborative forward as a whole. We expect findings will help OCHIN provide members with more robust, equitable support services.

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Over the past year, OCHIN has been reviewing and sharing data on a variety of performance indicators (e.g., CQM Summary, MyChart Adoption Summary, Revenue Cycle Scorecard). The High Performers Project builds on this performance data by looking across those broad sets of indicators to create a definition of high performance at OCHIN. From there, we are looking more deeply into the underlying factors that may be contributing to performance so we can share learnings that lead to greater success across the collaborative.

We know there are many definitions of high performance in health care right now. Our goal is to establish a definition that is meaningful and relevant to the practices we work with. Our evolving approach allows us to identify members who are performing well across-the-board, and also those members who demonstrate high performance in one particular area, members this project refers to as “bright spot performers.” We know we can learn from both high performers and bright spot performers.

Stay tuned for updates as this project progresses. We will share findings through OCHIN’s communication pathways as we continue to learn more.

Please contact Arielle Goranson or Cally Johnson with any questions.