A driving force for health equity

Thank you to those who attended California Telehealth Resource Center's Seventh Annual Telehealth Summit!

The 2019 Annual California Telehealth Resource Center (CTRC) Telehealth Summit was held on May 21 - 23 in San Diego, CA, with an attendance of 320 individuals.  

Three preconference workshops were offered on May 21, beginning with the return of the popular Technology Showcase which provided hands-on experience with all levels of telehealth technical equipment in a neutral, stress-free environment.  The Telehealth 101 workshop designed to bring newcomers up to speed, and a continuation in the Sustainable Models of Telehealth in The Safety Net series workshop was conducted for existing Learning Community members.

As policy and reimbursement continue to be hot topics in the telehealth industry, CTRC expanded these key sessions and added an expert panel that discussed how to educate and engage public and health plan policy makers.

Additional topics, presented from multiple viewpoints in the individual and panel presentations, included:

·         Coordinated care combining multiple telehealth technologies

·         Direct to consumer from the health plan, FQHC and health system perspectives

·         Opioid addiction treatment

·         Business strategy for implementing telehealth

·         Establishing and maintaining provider relationships

We are grateful to all of the attendees who made the event such a dynamic and actionable one, and look forward to continuing to learn and share successes with each other, going forward.

For more information about the CTRC and the Telehealth Summit, please visit www.caltrc.org.