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A California Telehealth Resource Center Success Story

By Geordi Royston 

One of the missions of the California Telehealth Resource Center(CTRC) is to help improve access to health care for all California citizens through telehealth and other technology enabled health care. One way in which CTRC is working to achieve its vision is by helping health systems to develop telehealth programs.

CTRC works with sites to analyze where they are in the implementation process, including:

– Assessing staffing requirements
– Examining costs 
– Determining technical needs
– Identifying current billing model
– Creating a check list of items needed to start a telehealth program

Once this assessment is complete, CTRC works with the sites to train staff in all aspects of their telemedicine program.

Last year, the CTRC worked with Mayers Memorial Hospital to help them implement their telemedicine program. A recent success story attributed to the successful launch of the telemedicine program at Mayers Memorial Hospital involved a patient named Javier, who had struggled with diabetes for 10 years. Mayers Memorial was able to assist with cutting travel costs, as the closest specialist was over 70 miles away, which caused Javier to miss entire days of work in order to see a doctor. Since the implementation of the telemedicine program, Javier has not only been able to make most of his endocrinologist appointments, but he has also had a successful start in working with a nutritionist to help better manage his diabetes. To read more about Javier, and other success stories, please visit http://caltrc.org/telehealth/telehealth-success-stories/.