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Expansion of the OCHIN Provider Builder Program to Include Nurses, Medical Assistants, Hygienists, and Behaviorists

By Jeff Richter, Clinical Program Manager

As a member of the OCHIN collaborative, you can be a key contributor to the ongoing optimization of the OCHIN Epic system. By participating in the Clinical Content Builder Program, an expansion of the existing Provider Builder Program, you can help make it more efficient for your users, and improve the quality of care for your patients.

This new opportunity enables a nurse, medical assistant, hygienist or behaviorist from your organization to become Epic-trained. These newly-instructed clinicians will work with their clinical colleagues, Site Specialist(s), an OCHIN Clinical Analyst, and Informaticist to make site-specific changes. The Clinical Content Builder will become a participant and contributor in the OCHIN change control and product development processes as a provider of critical clinical oversight and input to requests that will benefit their organization and the entire OCHIN collaborative, leveraging lessons learned and best practices from across the membership.

Why participate in the OCHIN Clinical Content Builder Program?

  • Acknowledge your clinical EHR champions and enhance their mastery of OCHIN Epic

  • Clinical content build requests can be of better quality, and many can be completed more quickly

  • Clinicians are happier when the system aligns with their workflows and delivery of patient care

  • Patient experience and outcomes are improved with a more efficient system and relevant content

  • Clinicians are able to share their new Epic skills and knowledge with their colleagues in your organization, and system expertise with the larger collaborative by serving as accessible and closely integrated clinical advisors with OCHIN projects and initiatives

 Who makes a good Clinical Content Builder?

  • Participation is currently open to clinicians who are nurses, medical assistants, hygienists or behaviorists. If you are a provider (physician, nurse practitioner, physician assistant, or dentist), please inquire about our Provider Builder Program.

  • A clinician who has at least a year of experience using the Epic system, and is an established EHR champion in the organization

  • Previous experience or desire to improve clinical workflows, navigation and content

  • Collaborative, effective communicators who connect with others respectfully as a team player, to meet member and organizational needs

  • Comfortable and enjoys working with computers and software, but not necessarily a “geek”

Participation in the Clinical Content Builder Program

  • The candidate will enroll in two Epic Clinical Content Builder training courses (Basic and Advanced). Courses can be completed online and at the candidate’s pace and schedule

  • The trainee will learn the data structure and build behind a wide variety of Epic’s clinical applications

  • The trainee will learn how to tailor SmartTools, ordering, clinical documentation, and workflows to meet the needs of your clinicians

  • The trainee will complete competency projects, requisite exams, and OCHIN orientation

  • Trainees will earn an Epic Proficiency, gain access to the OCHIN DEVelopment environment, and be able to make site-specific changes within parameters

  • As a guideline, the Epic-trained and Proficient Clinical Content Builder will spend about 4 hours per week in this role

For more information or to refer one of your clinicians to the program, please contact Jeff Richter, Clinical Program Manager, at richterj@ochin.org