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Care Everywhere Referrals Management (CERM) Milestones

By Ben Pierson, Interoperability and Health Information Exchange Program Manager

Care Everywhere Referrals Management (CERM) is a closed loop Epic-to-Epic referral solution that accelerates and streamlines the referral process. OCHIN has made it a strategic priority, to implement CERM with as many Epic partners as possible. Since this spring, OCHIN has made great strides toward meeting this goal.

OCHIN previously implemented CERM with two partner Epic organizations, on behalf of thirteen OCHIN members, and received strong positive feedback.

Fall 2018 CERM Kick-offs and Go-lives

At the beginning of October, OCHIN kicked off CERM projects with the following organizations. Go-lives are planned in the coming months.

Samaritan Health Services, Oregon:

o   Lincoln County

o   Benton County

o   Linn County

Legacy Health System, Oregon:

o   Multnomah County Health Department

o   Outside In

Cleveland Clinic and Metro Health, Ohio:

o   Circle Health Services

o   International Community Health Center

o   Neighborhood Family Practice

o   Care Alliance

OCHIN Participates in Setting Statewide CERM Implementation Standards

OCHIN is partnering with Care Everywhere Regional User Groups in California and Oregon to establish statewide standards for CERM implementation, with preliminary decisions having been reached.

Once standards are agreed upon, Epic hopes to implement these decisions across the country to accelerate the CERM implementation process.

If all Epic organizations can agree upon CERM implementation standards, then enabling a new CERM connection will not be a full project; it will become a minor setting change in the system for any organization hosting Epic. OCHIN would proceed with enabling this for all areas where standards have been agreed an implemented across the nation, ensuring that the majority of referrals sent by OCHIN members are sent through CERM.

Please contact Ben Pierson, Interoperability and Health Information Exchange Program Manager, with any questions.