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Voices of OCHIN: A Collection of Member Success Stories

In preparation for our upcoming 20th Anniversary in 2020, OCHIN is collecting stories featuring some of the great work taking place at member clinics around the country. Beyond sharing your successes with peers, your learnings may help other members make improvements in their own clinics. They can also influence policymakers to support health care legislation that benefits community health centers and your patients, or provide context for research partners or clinics considering working with or joining the OCHIN Collaborative.

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Bridging the Gaps: Using Data to Understand the Social Determinants of Health

OCHIN and Kaiser Permanente Center for Health Research Northwest are collaborating to understand how social determinants of health impact measures of health care quality. One of the study's aims is to to ensure that findings can help health care leaders improve health care delivery and policy, in order to positively impact health outcomes and health care utilization. 

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New OCHIN Research Study: PAST-DUE (Prevention and Social Determinants: Disparities and Utilization in Latino Elders)

OCHIN is working with Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU) on a new project, Prevention and Social Determinants: Disparities and Utilization in Latino Elders (PAST-DUE). The aim of the study is to shed light on how individual and community-level social determinants of health impact patients receiving preventive health care services, providing important contextual information for public health professionals developing targeted interventions, and health care providers serving elder Latino populations. 

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Research to practice: Evidence and tools to improve colon cancer screening in OCHIN Epic

Screen to Prevent Colon Cancer, or STOP-CRC, was a five-year research collaboration between Kaiser Permanente Center for Health Research, Group Health Research Institute, and OCHIN. Funded by the National Cancer Institute, the study was completed in December 2018. Resources developed through this project are now available to the OCHIN (Epic) collaborative.

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Progressive Leaders Workshop: An OCHIN Learning Community at the Leading Edge

Progressive Leaders Workshop is a growing learning community of OCHIN member leaders focused on high-level discussion about theory, methodology, and pragmatic solutions to sustain excellence in their organizations. OCHIN staff designed a year-long curriculum to support the interests of members, driven by learnings from the High Performers Project. OCHIN memers are invited to join us on the second Tuesday of each month.

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