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OCHIN Hosts Successful HRSA Site Visit in May

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By Lindsey Haase 

OCHIN holds the largest HRSA Health Center Controlled Network (HCCN) award in the nation. To date, OCHIN has delivered more than 700 hours of technical assistance to participating health centers under this award. August 2018 marks the third and final year in the award cycle. 

On May 22 and 23, OCHIN hosted HRSA Strategic Partnerships Division Director Tracey Orloff, HCCN Project Officer Colleen Morris, and HRSA health care IT consultant Alicia Barnes of BC3 Technologies for a site visit at its Portland, Oregon, headquarters. 

We are delighted to announce that OCHIN met all requirements for a successful site visit. 

In the weeks leading up to the visit, OCHIN’s HCCN Awards management team, headed by HCCN Awards Director Lindsey Haase, worked diligently to submit preparatory documents, and develop a full lineup of OCHIN presentations and activities to showcase various facets of the innovative work our members participate in through the award. For example, HRSA officers learned that more than half of our award members participated in OCHIN’s CV Wizard research project, and enrolled providers in the OCHIN Epic Provider Builder Program. The site visit provided opportunities to demonstrate the impact and value of OCHIN’s many quality improvement publications, tools, and resources through OCHIN member success stories. We will feature these stories in the months to come in a new series called How do you HCCN? 

HRSA officers sat in on an OCHIN CEO Steering Committee meeting for a comprehensive overview of the HCCN Award governance structure. A call with seven participating health centers provided firsthand insights to successes and challenges health centers encounter day to day, and opened discussion for ways HRSA can best provide support under this award. 

Our guests spent an afternoon touring the Sunnyside Health Center, a participating health center in Clackamas, Oregon, and spoke directly with key health center staff about ways the OCHIN HCCN provides value to the health center through the grant activities. 

OCHIN has exciting plans in store for the third year of this award. These include more robust, customized training and technical assistance to align with the specific goals and priorities of each participating health center. OCHIN will soon launch improvement cohorts focused on key Healthy People 2020 clinical quality metrics. In mid-July, health centers participating in improvement cohorts will receive a communication from OCHIN outlining details about access to tailored improvement training, tools and materials, as well as a nationwide platform for engaging in peer-to-peer learning with other health centers participating in the HCCN Award. 

For more information about the HCCN Award, please contact HCCN Awards Director Lindsey Haase at haasel@ochin.org.