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42 CFR Part 2 Omission from Opioid Package

Early this week, Senate and House leaders agreed upon an amended opioid package to improve the health care response to this crisis ravaging our country. While OCHIN supports the advancement of this pivotal bill, we are gravely disappointed with the omission of H.R.6082, the Overdose Prevention and Patient Safety (OPPS) Act.

“Successful care coordination, especially in community health centers and the patients they support, cannot take place without removing unnecessary and obsolete restrictions around the sharing of patient records related to substance abuse. Without this modernization, the objectives set out in the opioid package cannot be fully achieved. Without reform, providers cannot access a full medical record and share critical information to treat the whole patient,” says Abby Sears, the CEO of OCHIN.

OCHIN urges the Senate to hold a separate vote on H.R.6082, as it is pivotal to the success of many provisions contained in the SUPPORT for Patients and Communities Act, as well as providing coordinated care to those given substance use treatment.

Watch a video about OCHIN’s opioids policy, learn more at helpendopioidcrisis.org, and read the full press release for more information. 

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