Acuere: Features to Transform Care

Acuere Features - 161118

By: Doug Jenkins, Manager of Software Development, with contributions from Nick Beaird, Programmer Developer

OCHIN’s Acuere has a number of new, highly requested features that we know will be of interest to our members. Many of these have been in demand for quite some time, and we are pleased to be able to present them to you now.

Risk Stratification

Risk Stratification is a system for identifying patients who are likely to incur major medical costs in the near future, or to require hospitalization for a severe medical event. This feature was developed in partnership with Dr. Mary Charlson of the Cornell Institute and draws upon her Charlson Comorbidity Index. This gold standard of risk identification will help clinics create a proactive care plan that can help their patients avoid a health crisis that could prove to be catastrophic to their physical, financial, and emotional wellbeing. This is one more way that Acuere can help your clinic serve, stabilize, and improve the health of your communities.

Community Vital Signs

The Community Vital Signs feature, which is born out of a partnership with the Robert Graham Center, draws from nearly 300 different indices on a community to create a health landscape. By looking at the area as a whole, it gives members a better picture of where their patients live and the resources available to them. With this feature, members can provide better customized care through informed and resourceful conversations with patients, which means improved outcomes for your community.

Member Directory – Coming December 1

The much anticipated and requested Member Directory feature comes to Acuere on December 1. With this tool, members can easily identify fellow clinics that are in the same area, are the same size, and/or provide similar services. This provides an opportunity to compare metrics, connect with each other, and share best practices to help drive improvement across the collaborative. Many of you have been asking about this tool, and we are excited to share it with you next month.


Also coming to Acuere in December is the Maps feature. Developed with Google, this tool will plot all of your patients on a Google map so you can see exactly how far away they live from your clinic. Knowing the details of their commute to the clinic can direct your plan of care. Maps can also help identify those who would benefit from telehealth or in-home care, as well as the most efficient and impactful way to schedule appointments, and more. This is just the beginning of our Maps feature. We aim to develop additional layering capabilities to bring you additional information on the communities you serve.

We are always working to make Acuere an agile, responsive, and impactful application. We look to you, our members, to aid us in developing the right tools for the job. If there are any tools you think would be beneficial to you and the collaborative, please reach out to