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OCHIN Analytics and Quality Reporting Team's Top Three in Quality Reporting and 2019 Learning Forum Recap

By Arielle Goranson

OCHIN’s Top Three in Quality Reporting for May: Hypertension Control

OCHIN is testing a new model for dissemination of quality measure information that enhances dissemination of key information, facilitates communication within your organizations, and keeps quality reporting on your radar throughout the year. OCHIN’s quality team leads will be providing the same message, three topics, to all monthly forums.

In honor of May’s National High Blood Pressure Education Month, we bring you three highlights related to the Controlling High Blood Pressure measure:

Top 3 Quality Reporting FINAL.jpg

If you have any questions about the May Top Three in Quality Reporting, please reach out to Arielle Goranson, Quality Metrics Program Manager, at goransona@ochin.org.

Highlights from OCHIN’s Analytics and Quality Reporting Session at the 2019 Learning Forum

The Analytics and Quality Reporting (AAQR) team was excited to see so many members participating in the in-person session at the Learning Forum. In lieu of a formal workgroup, members participated in an exercise to build relatedness around topics such as: how much data is too much, and is there such a thing as a desk that is too clean or too messy?

LF Recap Image.jpg

Table discussions followed the group exercise, focused upon: quality improvement approaches, tools currently being used to drive analytics and quality strategies, and how these quality and analytics strategies will evolve over the next year. There was a wealth of information and perspective in the room, and the AAQR team enjoyed the opportunity to facilitate and engage with members during the session.

Member Resources Highlighted at the Learning Forum

This year’s Learning Forum highlighted a number of member-led presentations focused on supporting clinical quality. These presentations are now posted on Ella, OCHIN’s LMS, and the following are highlights of some of the most insightful programming focused on clinical quality and improvement:


Please reach out to Arielle Goranson (goransona@ochin.org), Quality Metrics Program Manager, with any questions.