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Incredible Future Ahead for Health Centered Controlled Networks

By Lindsey Haase

Within OCHIN’s family of companies, we have the unique opportunity to leverage a collaboration between two successful Health Centered Control Network (HCCNs) funded through the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA). Through both OCHIN’s HCCN award, which is a partnership with the Oregon Primary Care Association (OPCA), and PTSO’s HCCN award, in partnership with Heartland Health Centers and Community Health Centers, Inc., we are partnering with 64 participating federally qualified health centers (FQHCs) and FQHC look-alikes across the country in order to help drive towards improved outcomes for patients. This opportunity allows us to work with health centers who are currently accessing OCHIN’s products and services, as well as health centers who are new to OCHIN.

Since the inception of the HCCN awards in August 2016, we have been working with data, engaging in conversations with health centers, and assessing how to best support the meaningful use of ONC-certified electronic health records (EHRs), the adoption of technology-enabled quality improvement strategies, and engagement with health information exchange (HIE) to strengthen quality of care and improve patient health outcomes. We are using what we’re learning to focus on activities and projects which are designed to make a positive impact for all of our award participants, as well as for members of the OCHIN collaborative not participating in either of our HCCN awards.

The following are examples of what we’ve developed to date:

  • Monthly Executive Benchmark Reports: Revenue Cycle Scorecard, Clinical Quality Measure Summary, and MyChart Adoption Report

  • Improvement Guides: Childhood Immunizations; Colorectal Cancer Screening; Diabetes Care; Hypertension Control; Patient Portal; Transitions of Care – Cervical Cancer Screening coming soon!

  • Guidebooks: Meaningful Use, UDS, Revenue Cycle Scorecard Companion and PCMH

  • OCHIN Recommended Workflows: EHR-specific and EHR-agnostic workflow diagrams for key HCCN award metrics and goals

  • Collateral: Patient portal posters in multiple languages

  • Progressive Leaders Workshops: Venues in which to share and discuss best practices on topics including patient portals, transitions of care, alternative payment methodologies and revenue cycle, quality regulatory programs, and the building blocks of primary care

In addition to developing the resources detailed above, we are delivering individualized coaching and direct tailored support for HCCN award participants. As we continue to learn from the OCHIN collaborative, we will use the learnings to build a foundation for further activities designed to target improvement across our OCHIN communities. While the OCHIN and PTSO HCCN awards each include slightly different activities, we will be working in partnership with HRSA’s Diabetes Quality Improvement Initiative by developing technical assistance geared to better prevent and manage diabetes and specifically focusing on improving health systems and infrastructures. In the coming months, please expect to hear more about this initiative from your HCCN team!

Finally, if you are planning to attend this year’s OCHIN Learning Forum, members of your HCCN team will be there and would love the opportunity to connect with you. Please feel free to reach out with any questions about our HCCN awards by emailing Lindsey Haase at hassel@ochin.org.