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OCHIN Sponsors Epic Facilitated, Trained, and Certified Trainings

By Jordan Sigmund, Reporting Specialist Coordinator

In a world where data’s importance increases daily, the knowledge of how to retrieve that data is also of paramount importance. It is with that in mind that OCHIN is now sponsoring its members’ attendance for Epic hosted, trained, and certified Reporting trainings. OCHIN and Epic have created a program in which OCHIN clinic members can send staff to Epic's Campus in Verona, WI, to attend classes. These classes provide hands-on practice with the latest version of Epic, and will detail new features and demystify features already in use by the OCHIN collaborative.

The topics covered in these classes include Cogito Fundamentals training, which explains each of the individual components of hyperspace reporting, their best or most common uses, and their interactions as a whole. Also offered are Clarity and SQL, which detail the ways the Clarity database interacts with Epics hyperspace database, Chronicles, and how to generate reports from the Clarity database using the language SQL from within SQL Server management Studio. Members may also request supplemental Crystal Reports training from Epic.

OCHIN feels that these classes combined, or in a standalone capacity, will lead to a far greater understanding of the tools themselves, as well as their interoperability, and robust functionality giving members easier, more efficient access to their clinical, financial, and administrative data on the whole. Through this process, OCHIN will continue to support members in achieving their goals of improved patient care into the future, by understanding what obstacles they are facing in their populations today.

If you'd interested in this program, or would like more details, please contact Jordan Sigmund, and he'll be happy to help coordinate the process.