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Community Health Center Utilization Following the 2008 Medicaid Expansion in Oregon: Implications for the Affordable Care Act
Brigit Hatch, Steffani Bailey, Stuart Cowburn, Miguel Marino, Heather Angier, Jen DeVoe
American Journal of Public Health

In Low-Income Latino Patients, Post-Affordable Care Act Insurance Disparities May be Reduced Even More than Broader National Estimates: Evidence from Oregon
John Heintzman, Steffani Bailey, Jen DeVoe, Stuart Cowburn, Tanya Kapka, Truc-Vi Duong, Miguel Marino
Journal of Racial and Ethnic Health Disparities

Measuring Preventive Care Delivery: Comparing Rates across Three Data Sources
Steffani Bailey, John Heintzman, Miguel Marino, Mean Hoopes, Brigit Hatch, Rachel Gold, Stuart Cowburn, Christine Nelson, Heather Angier, Jennifer DeVoe
American Journal of Preventive Medicine

Reporting on the Strategies Needed to Implement Proven Interventions: An Example from a "Real-World" Cross-Setting Implementation Study
Rachel Gold, Arwen Bunce, Debbie Cohen, Celine Hollombe, Christine Nelson, E. Proctor, J. Pope, Jennifer DeVoe
Mayo Clinic Proceedings

A New Role for Primary Care Teams in the United States Post-“Obamacare”: Track and Improve Health Insurance Coverage Rates
Jennifer DeVoe, Heather Angier, Megan Hoopes, Rachel Gold
Family Medicine and Community Health

Low Back Imaging When not Indicated: A Descriptive Cross-System Analysis
Rachel Gold, Elizabeth Esterberg, Celine Hollombe, Jill Arkind, Patricia Vakarcs, Huong Tran, Tim Burdick, Jen DeVoe, Michael Horberg
The Permanente Journal

Utilization of Community Health Centers in Medicaid Expansion and Non-Expansion States, 2013-2014
Megan Hoopes, Heather Angier, Rachel Gold, Steffanie Bailey, Nathalie Huguet, Miguel Marino, Jennifer DeVoe
Journal of Ambulatory Care Management

Using the Electronic Health Record for Assessment of Health Insurance in Community Health Centers
Brigit Hatch, Carrie Tillotson, Heather Angier, Miguel Marino, Megan Hoopes, Nathalie Huguet, Jennifer DeVoe
Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association

The validation of electronic health records in accurately identifying patients eligible for colorectal cancer screening in safety net clinics
A. Petrik, B. Green, W. Vollmer, Thuy Le, B. Bachman, E. Keast, J. Rivelli, G. Coronado
Family Practice

HIV and Hepatitis C Virus Screening Practices in a Geographically Diverse Sample of American Community Health Centers
Kenneth H. Mayer, Phil Crawford, Lydia Dant, Suzanne Gillespie, Robbie Singal, Meredith Vandermeer, John Muench, Tim Long, Thu Quach, Amina Chaudhry, Heidi Crane, Daniela Lembo, Robert Mills, Mary Ann McBurnie
AIDS Patient Care and STDs

Impact of Social Determinants of Health on Patients with Complex Diabetes Who Are Served by National Safety-Net Health Centers
Vivian Li, Mary Ann McBurnie, Melissa Simon, Phil Crawford, Michael Leo, Fred Rachman, Erika Cottrell, Lydia Dant, Mary Oneha, and Rosy Chang Weir
American Board of Family Medicine

Dad's Last Week
Jennifer DeVoe
Annals of Family Medicine

Effect of Gaining Insurance Coverage on Smoking Cessation in Community Health Centers: A Cohort Study
Steffani Bailey, Megan Hoopes, Miguel Marino, John Heintzman, Jean O'Malley, Brigit Hatch, Heather Angier, Stephan Fortmann, Jennifer DeVoe
Journal of General Internal Medicine

The High Prevalence of Diabetes in a Large Cohort of Patients Drawn from Safety Net Clinics
Gregory A. Nichols, MaryAnn McBurnie, Ludmilla Paul, Jennifer E. Potter, Shiela McCann, Kenneth Mayer, Gerardo Melgar, Sale D'Amato, Jennifer E. DeVoe
Preventing Chronic Disease

Perspectives in Primary Care: A Conceptual Framework and Path for Integrating Social Determinants of Health Into Primary Care Practice
Jennifer DeVoe, Andrew Bazemore, Erika Cottrell, Sonja Likumahuwa-Ackman, Jene Grandmont, Natalie Spach, Rachel Gold
Annals of Family Medicine

Community Vital Signs: Taking the Pulse of the Community While Caring for Patients
Lauren S. Hughes, Robert L. Phillips, Jr., Jennifer DeVoe, Andrew Bazemore
Journal of American Board of Family Medicine

Medication Assisted Treatment for Substance Use Disorders within a National Community Health Center Research Network
Traci Rieckmann, John Muench, Mary Ann McBurnie, Michael C. Leo, Phillip Crawford, Daren Ford II, Jennifer Stubbs, Conall O'Clerigh, Kenneth H. Mayer, Kevin Fiscella, Nicole Wright, Maya Doe-Simkins, Matthew Cuddeback, Elizabeth Salisbury-Afshar, & Christine Nelson
Journal of Substance Abuse

Healthcare Utilization After a Children's Health Insurance Program Expansion in Oregon
Steffani Bailey, Miguel Marino, Megan Hoopes, John Heintzman, Rachel Gold, Health Angier, Jean O'Malley, Jen DeVoe
Maternal and Child Health Journal

Evaluating Community Health Centers’ Adoption of a New Global Capitation Payment (eCHANGE) Study Protocol
Heather Angier, Jean O'Malley, Miguel Marino, John McConnell, Lorie Jacob, Sonja Likumahuwa-Ackman, John Heintzman, Steffani Bailey, Jennifer DeVoe
Contemporary Clinical Trials

Pneumococcal Vaccination in Low-Income Latinos: An Unexpected Trend in Oregon Community Health Centers
John Heintzman, Steffani Bailey, Stuart Cowburn, Eve Dexter, Joseph Carroll, Miguel Marino
Journal of Health Care for the Poor and Underserved

Healthcare Utilization Rates after Oregon's 2008 Medicaid Expansion: Within-and between-group differences over time among New, Returning, and Continuously Insured Enrollees
Jean O'Malley, Maureen O'Keeffe-Rosetti, Robert A. Lowe, Heather Angier, Rachel Gold, Miguel Marino, Brigit Hatch, Megan Hoopes, Steffani Bailey, John Heintzman, Charles Gallia, Jennifer DeVoe
Medical Care

Clinicians’ Use of Prescription Drug Monitoring Programs in Clinical Practice and Decision-Making
Gillian Liechtling, Jessica Irvine, Christi Hildebran, Deborah Cohen, Sarah Hallvik, Richard Deyo
Pain Medicine

Patterns of Electronic Portal Use among Vulnerable Patients in a Nationwide Practice-based Research Network: From the OCHIN Practice-based Research Network (PBRN)
Lorraine Wallace, Heather Angier, Nathalie Huguet, J.A Gaudino, Alex Krist, Marla Dearing, Marie Killerby, Miguel Marino, Jennifer DeVoe
Journal of American Board of Family Medicine


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