A driving force for health equity

Citizenship documentation for Medicaid eligibility: Effects on Oregon children
Brigit Hatch, Jennifer DeVoe, Jodi Lapidus, Matthew Carlson, Bill Wright
Family Medicine

Use of Qualitative Methods and User-Centered Design to Develop Customized Health Information Technology Tools Within Federally Qualified Health Centers to Keep Children Insured
Jennifer DeVoe, Heather Angier, Sonja Likumahuwa, Jennifer Hall, Christine Nelson, Kay Dickerson, Sara Keller, Tim Burdick, Deborah Cohen
The Journal of Ambulatory Care Management

Ethnographic process evaluation in primary care: explaining the complexity of implementation
Arwen E. Bunce, Rachel Gold, James Davis, Carmit McMullen, Victoria Jaworski, MaryBeth Mercer, Christine Nelson
BioMed Central

MyPreventiveCare: Implementation and dissemination of an interactive preventive health record in three practice-based research networks serving disadvantaged patients—a randomized cluster trial
Alex H. Krist, Rebecca A. Aycock, Rebecca S. Etz, Jennifer E. Devoe, Roy T. Sabo, Robert Williams, Karen L. Stein, Gary Iwamoto, Jon Puro, Jon Deshazo, Paulette Lail Kashiri, Jill Arkind, Crystal Romney, Miria Kano, Christine Nelson, Daniel R. Longo, Susan Wolver, Steven H. Woolf
Implementation Science

Back to The Future: Reflections on the History of the Future of Family Medicine
Noemi C. Doohan, Jill Endres, Joseph Scherger, Nerissa Koehn, John Miller, Jennifer DeVoe, James Martin
Journal of the American Board of Family Medicine

Strategies and opportunities to STOP colon cancer in priority populations: Pragmatic pilot study design and outcomes
Gloria D. Coronado, William Vollmer, Amanda Petrik, Josue Aguirre, Tanya Kapka, Jennifer DeVoe, Jon Puro, Tran Miers, Jennifer Lembach, Ann Turner, Jennifer Sanchez, Sally Retecki, Christine Nelson, Beverly Green
BMC Cancer

“Not a Kidney or a Lung”: research challenges in a network of safety net clinics
John Heintzman, Sonja Likumahuwa, Christine Nelson, M. Patrice Eiff, Rachel Gold, Joseph Carroll, John Muench, Christian Hill, Meena Mital, Jennifer DeVoe
Family Medicine

The ADVANCE network: accelerating data value across a national community health center network
Jennifer DeVoe, Rachel Gold, Erika Cottrell, Vance Bauer, Andrew Brickman, Jon Puro, Christine Nelson, Kenneth Mayer, Abby Sears, Tim Burdick, Jonathan Merrell, Paul Matthews, Scott Fields
Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association

Agreement of Medicaid claims and electronic health records for assessing preventive care quality among adults
John Heintzman, Steffanie Bailey, Megan Hoopes, Thuy Le, Rachel Gold, Jean O’Malley, Stuart Cowburn, Miguel Marino, Alex Krist, Jennifer DeVoe
Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association

Variation in outcomes of quality measurement by data source
Heather Angier, Rachel Gold, Charles Gallia, Allison Casciato, Carrie Tillotson, Miguel Marino, Rita Mangione-Smith, Jennifer DeVoe

Documentation of the 5 As for Smoking Cessation by PCPs Across Distinct Health Systems
Rebecca J. Williams, Andrew Masica, Mary Ann McBurnie, Leif Solberg, Steffani Bailey, Brian Hazlehurst, Stephen Kurtz, Andrew Williams, Jon Puro, and Victor Stevens
American Journal of Managed Care

Advantages of Wordless Instructions on How to Complete a Fecal Immunochemical Test: Lessons from Patient Advisory Council Members of a Federally Qualified Health Center
Gloria D. Coronado, Jennifer Sanchez, Amanda Petrik, Tanya Kapka, Jennifer DeVoe, Beverly Green
Journal of Cancer Education

Recent health insurance trends for US families: children gain while parents lose
Jennifer DeVoe, Carrie Tillotson, Heather Angier, Lorraine Wallace
Maternal and Child Health

Health Information Technology: An Untapped Resource to Help Keep Patients Insured
Jennifer DeVoe, Heather Angier, Tim Burdick, Rachel Gold
Annals of Family Medicine

Understanding how Low-Income Families Prioritize Elements of Health Care Access for their Children via the Optimal Care Model
Heather Angier, Jessica Gregg, Rachel Gold, Courtney Crawford, Melinda Davis, Jennifer DeVoe
BMC Health Services Research

Using an Automated Data-driven, EHR-Embedded Program for Mailing FIT kits: Lessons from the STOP CRC Pilot Study
Gloria D. Coronado, Tim Burdick, Amanda Petrik, Tanya Kapka, Sally Retecki
Journal of General Practice

Practice-based Research Networks (PBRNs) Are Promising Laboratories for Conducting Dissemination and Implementation Research
John Heintzman, Rachel Gold, Alexander Krist, Jay Crosson, Jennifer DeVoe
Journal of the American Board of Family Medicine

Using Geographic Information Systems to Identify Communities in Need of Health Insurance Outreach within the OCHIN Practice-based Research Network
Heather Angier, Sonja Likumahuwa, Sean Finnegan, Trisha Vakarcs, Andrew Bazemore, Mark Carrozza, Jennifer DeVoe
Journal of the American Board of Family Medicine

Using the CER Hub to ensure data quality in a multi-institution smoking cessation study
Kari L. Walker, Olga Kirillova, Suzanne E Gillespie, David Hsiao, Valentyna Pishchalenko, Akshatha Kalsanka Pai, Jon E Puro, Robert Plumley, Rustam Kudyakov, Weiming Hu, Art Allisany, MaryAnn McBurnie, Stephen E Kurtz, Brian L Hazlehurst
Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association

Linkage Methods for Connecting Children with Parents in Electronic Health Record and State Public Health Insurance Data
Heather Angier, Rachel Gold, Courtney Crawford, Jean O’Malley, Carrie Tillotson, Miguel Marino, Jennifer DeVoe
Maternal and Child Health

Health is Primary: Family Medicine for America's Health
Robert L. Phillips, Jr,, Perry Pugno, John Saultz, Michael Tuggy, Jeffrey Borkan, Grant Hoekzema, Jennifer DeVoe, Jane Weida, Lars Peterson, Lauren Hughes, Jerry Kruse, James Puffer
Annals of Family Medicine

The Community Health Applied Research Network (CHARN) Data Warehouse: a Resource for Patient-Centered Outcomes Research and Quality Improvement in Underserved, Safety Net Populations
Reesa Laws, Suzanne Gillespie, Jon Puro, Stephan Van Rompaey, Thu Quach, Joseph Carroll, Rosy Chang Weir, Phil Crawford, Chris Grasso, Erin Kaleba, Mary Ann McBurnie

Estimating Demand for Care After a Medicaid Expansion: Lessons From Oregon
Rachel Gold, Steffanie Bailey, Jean O'Malley, Megan Hoopes, Stuart Cowburn, Miguel Marino, John Heintzman, Christine Nelson, Stephen Fortmann, Jennifer Devoe
Journal of Ambulatory Care Management

Using electronic health record data to evaluate preventive service utilization among uninsured safety net patients
John Heintzman, Miguel Marino, Megan Hoopes, Steffanie Bailey, Rachel Gold, Courtney Crawford, Stuart Cowburn, Jean O'Malley, Christine Nelson, Jennifer DeVoe
Preventative Medicine

The Oregon Experiment Reexamined: The Need to Bolster Primary Care
John Heintzman, Rachel Gold, Steffanie Bailey, Jennifer DeVoe
The BMJ (British Medical Journal)

Building a Community Health Center Data Warehouse to Promote Patient-Centered Research in the Asian American, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islanders Population
Vivian Li, Rosy Chang Weir, Thu Quach, Suzanne Gillespie, Mary Ann McBurnie, Ady Oster, Reesa Laws, Kari Alperovitz-Bichell, Erin O'Brien Kaleba, Christine Nelson
AAPI Nexus

Insurance continuity and human papillomavirus vaccine uptake in Oregon and California federally-qualified health centers
Stuart Cowburn, Matthew Carlson, Jodi Lapidus, John Heintzman, Steffanie Bailey, Jennifer DeVoe
American Journal of Public Health

Electronic health record functionality needed to better support primary care
Alex H. Krist, John Beasley, Jesse Crosson, David Kibbe, Michael Klinkman, Christoph Lehmann, Chester Fox, Jason Mitchell, James Mold, Wilson Pace, Kevin Peterson, Robert Phillips, Robert Post, Jon Puro, Michael Raddock, Ray Simkus, Steven Waldren
Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association


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