A driving force for health equity

Collaborative Development of a Randomized Study to Translate a Diabetes Quality Improvement Initiative into Federally Qualified Health Centers
Rachel Gold, Jen DeVoe, Ann Turner, Chris Hill, Amit Shah, Gregg Clarke, John Muench
Journal of Health Care for the Poor and Underserved

Is Health Insurance Enough? A Usual Source of Care May Be More Important to Ensure a Child Receives Preventive Health Counseling
Jennifer DeVoe, Carrie Tillotson, Lorraine Wallace, Sarah Lesko, Nancy Pandhi
Maternal and Child Health

Does Health Insurance Continuity Among Low-income Adults Impact Their Children's Insurance Coverage?
Melissa Yamauchi, Matthew J. Carlson, Bill J. Wright, Heather Angier, Jennifer E. DeVoe
Maternal and Child Health

Why Do Some Eligible Families Forego Public Insurance for Their Children? A Qualitative Analysis
Jennifer DeVoe, Nicholas Westfall, Stephanie Crocker, Danielle Eigner, Shelley Selph, Arwen Bunce, Lorraine Wallace
Family Medicine

Receipt of Diabetes Preventive Care Among Safety Net Patients Associate with Differing Levels of Insurance Coverage
Rachel Gold, Jennifer E DeVoe, MD, DPhil; Patti McIntire, BA; Jon E. Puro, MPH; Susan L Chauvie, RN MPA-HA; Amit R. Shah, MD
Journal of the American Board of Family Medicine

Feasibility of Evaluating the CHIPRA Care Quality Measures in Electronic Health Record Data
Rachel Gold, Heather Angier, Rita Mangione-Smith, Charles Gallia, Patti McIntire, Stuart Cowburn, Carrie Tillotson, Jennifer E. DeVoe

Automating Care Quality Measurement With Health Information Technology
Brian Hazlehurst, Mary Ann McBurnie; Richard Mularski; Jon Puro; Susan Chauvie
The American Journal of Managed Care

Characteristics and Lessons Learned from Practice-based Research Networks (PBRNs) in the United States
Melinda M. Davis, Sara Keller, Jennifer DeVoe, Deborah Cohen
Journal of Health Care Leadership

Lessons learned and challenges ahead: report from the OCHIN Safety Net West practice-based research network (PBRN)
Jennifer DeVoe, Sonja Likumahuwa, M. Patrice Eiff, Christine Nelson, Joseph Carroll, Christian Hill, Rachel Gold, Patricia Kullberg
Journal of the American Board of Family Medicine

Trends in Health Insurance Status of US Children and Their Parents, 1998-2008
Heather Angier, Jennifer DeVoe, Carrie Tillotson, Lorraine Wallace, Rachel Gold
Maternal and Child Health Journal

The Effects of Health Insurance and a Usual Source of Care on a Child's Receipt of Health Care
Jennifer DeVoe, Carrie Tillotson, Lorraine Wallace, Sarah Lesko, Heather Angier
The Journal of Pediatric Health Care

Are Pediatric Quality Care Measures Too Stringent?
Allison Casciato, BA (MSII), Heather Angier, MPH, Christina Milano, MD, Nicholas Gideonse, MD, Rachel Gold, PhD, MPH and Jennifer DeVoe, MD, Dphil
Journal of the American Board of Family Medicine


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