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Insurance Coverage Gaps Among US Children with Insured Parents: Are Middle Income Children More Likely to Have Longer Gaps?
Jennifer DeVoe, Carrie Tillotson, Lorraine Wallace
Maternal and Child Health

Electronic Health Records vs Medicaid Claims: Completeness of Diabetes Preventive Care Data in Community Health Centers
Jennifer DeVoe, MD, Dphil, Rachel Gold, PhD, MPH; Patti McIntire, BA, PPPM; Jon Puro, MPA-HA; Susan Chauvie, RN, MPH-HA; Charles A Gallia, PhD
Annals of Family Medicine

Public Health Insurance in Oregon: Underenrollment of Eligible Children and Parental Confusion About Children’s Enrollment Status
Jennifer DeVoe, Moria Ray, Alan Graham
American Journal of Public Health

Development of a Measure Set for Routine, Comprehensive, Automated Assessment of Obesity Care Quality
Brian Hazlehurst, Victor Stevens, Mary Ann McBurnie, Richard Mularski, Charles Elder, Keith Bachman, Jon Puro, Patti McIntire, Susan Chauvie
Clinical Medicine and Research

Comparing Type of Health Insurance Among Low-Income Children: A Mixed-Methods Study from Oregon
Jennifer DeVoe, Lorraine Wallace, Shelley Selph, Nicholas Westfall, Stephanie Crocker
Maternal and Child Health

Parent and Child Usual Source of Care and Children’s Receipt of Health Care Services
Jennifer DeVoe, Carrie Tillotson, Lorraine Wallace, Heather Angier, Matthew Carlson, Rachel Gold
Annals of Family Medicine

Developing a Network of Community Health Centers with a Common Electronic Health Record: Description of the Safety Net West Practice-based Research Network (SNW-PBRN)
Jennifer DeVoe, Rachel Gold, Mark Spofford, Susan Chauvie, John Muench, Ann Turner, Sonja Likumahuwa, Christine Nelson
Journal of the American Board of Family Medicine

Comparing Types of Health Insurance for Children A Public Option versus a Private Option
Jennifer DeVoe, Carrie Tillotson, Lorraine Wallace, Shelley Selph, Alan Graham
Medical Care

The Case for Synergy Between a Usual Source of Care and Health Insurance Coverage
Jennifer DeVoe, Carrie Tillotson, Sarah Lesko, Lorraine Wallace, Heather Angier
Society of General Internal Medicine


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